Breaking Silence1 Rohit Shetty


Published: 2012


132 pages


Breaking Silence1  by  Rohit Shetty

Breaking Silence1 by Rohit Shetty
2012 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 132 pages | ISBN: | 10.33 Mb

Breaking Silence as it reads, is a wonderful collection of emotions outburst in verses. The cover design of the book which has a water balloon burst in darkness but in safe hands, itself expresses a lot that lies inside. The Poet of the book Mr. Rohit Shetty is an India Book of Record Holding poet for his 400 poetries published within a year. Being an introvert he has always preferred to keep his thoughts and feelings mostly to himself and pen it down in the form of poems. He started writing poetries from the young age of 12.

After his 1st published book Silent Voices Shetty once again successfully tickles every heart with their words and flows them in the stream of his rhymes.In silence I created an air of suspenseand they capitalized on it in my absence.In silence all my thoughts mingled-some of which should have been singled.Shush!!

Silence.Im breaking the silenceas I finish this sentence.Silence I demandGive back to me my independence.- Rohit Shetty.(Lines from Breaking The Silence)The above was a quick insight of the book. This book carries poems of various types, there are perfect rhymes, sonnets, free verses, blank verses and of-course many of poets own personalized style. The poet has a breath taking flow of emotions sync with words in every piece of his art. There are poems that will make you laugh and cry, make you feel gleeful and heartsick, make you feel rejuvenated, motivated and depressed, lonely.

And then, there are poems that make you think a little deeper of something that never caught your eye till date in your busy life. The poet has played beautifully with the metaphors, sounds and personifications in expressing his feelings in a settle manner. The poet in many of his work has gracefully taught us many lessons of life.Shettys 1st poetry book Silent Voices was also a great success in 2011 published by Lead Start Publishing. This book Breaking Silence has extended itself in a series of three more books under the same title but more varied topics to rhyme on.

Its a must read for all the poetry lovers and also the non poetic readers. this book can be a great to start with, not just reading but will definitely inspire you to try your luck on expressing in rhymes.- Ketki Borgaonkar.

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