Rise Maya Halthore and Aneesh Gowri



Kindle Edition

702 pages


Rise  by  Maya Halthore and Aneesh Gowri

Rise by Maya Halthore and Aneesh Gowri
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 702 pages | ISBN: | 3.29 Mb

Born into T.A.L.O.N. (Terrorist Annihilation League Of Nations), Arya Rayne has been trained from the age of two in the ways of a spy and has ever since been a gun-shooting, base infiltrating, stone cold killer. Arya Rayne began training for the Sphinx Pharmaceuticals Bomb Plot last year, but after failing her psychological evaluation, was bumped down a peg. Her new mission is to find fiery billionaire Alec Song, super-nerd Lee Wang, southern belle Augusta Mane, soccer star Chadwick Worthington, and Buddhist monk Drake Mendoza.

Why? Because they are not your typical teenagers either. Each one has their own fantastical power and T.A.L.O.N. is recruiting some much needed agents. As Arya Rayne gathers these “super teens,” the Sphinx Pharmaceuticals Bomb Plot unravels before her eyes, and she is forced to take control with the help of her new allies. Arya, the ultimate lone wolf, is not thrilled about these companions, but she would do anything to save the world.

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